Thursday, January 04, 2007

almost new kl fren,sonia come to pg..took her out at da 1st day she reach pg..hang out wif my frens..wei ping,gwen,julien & darryl at mamak stall..iz 10pm..we decide wanna go to queensbay seaside..& dats da 1st time sonia enjoy herself wif da nite view..& da lovely wind of cos..took lots of pic..but then ju have to buy murtabak for his dad..borrow darryl's car but darryl look very worry about his car..bcos he dun like to lend his car to anybody..kiam siap kui..b4 ju come back to da place where we hang out..i have to send sonia back d..
da next day..hang out wif sonia & her brothers at for cyn clothes..she bought a jeans..& da next thing she wanna buy iz a red t-shirt..haha..she cant find it..complain dat she's angry la..tired la..bla bla bla..but iz fine to me..she chia me & her brothers at startbucks wif ice blended mocha..yummy..but iz expensive..6.30..her dad come & pick them up for dinner..& me..go back to take bath & ready to go out again to celebrate new year eve..2007 wei..reach gurney kena spray like hell from frens..da 'war zone' iz very dangerous..who enter will be spray..dun care who u r..sharpe at 12am..firework had light up da nite wif da 'snow' & da horn sounds..go get my car & reach home at 1 sumthing after trapped in da jam at gurney road..da next day..sonia & her brothers went to queensbay again..& this time sonia found her red hush puppy dat time..she stop complaining..da time iz at 5pm..we walk to da basement & have a sit at da mcd..order french fried,sunday chocolate & coke..her big brother iz mcd's fan..he come nia french fried finish d..
da next day..she went back to kl..had a great time wif her..& glad dat she's happy when in pg
my second plan after camp..went to 'europe' to visit my was my greatest holiday ever..try their food..kinda nice but i prefer malaysia's food..went to da pub..way too diff than our country pub..they can 3 quarter pants..but our country cannot..cannot show sexy few places nia..too expensive..everything..after 2 days..go to kl for my cousin's wedding dinner..23dec..getting near to christmas..scare cannot get back to pg at time to celebrate christmas wif my frens..b4 go for & my family & oso my cousin went to sunway 1st midvalley but too jam & no fren..sonia iz there..but too bad dat day iz jam..klmccb..iz so boring go out wif my family..i wanna go to da water park but they wanna go home..30minutes in sunway & wanna go back d..wat da hell..iz 3pm..reach my cousin's house & take a nite..iz party time..lots of vip iz kinda boring da wedding dinner but 'ada kelas'..5 bangsar..after finish eating..went back then go out pub..chilly..1st time wif my dad & family member(not my mum,sis or bro)..b4 go out for team manchester united won..phew..panic when c them kena counter attack..da next day..we went to da same place eat pork mee..delicious..have to say bubye to my mum's side family..head to ipoh road to meet my grandma's sister..damn boring..nth to da kids play ps2..but i like da view..& its winding..few niece,jessica like to play wif to carry kids when their cute..have my 'dinner' at 6..bath & sembang wif my uncle aunt..bath then start my journey back to pg at 10pm..& i celebrate my christmas in da car..while everyone bz taking their nap..except my dad whose driving..reach pg at 1am..
it's kinda long time i didn't write my am i gonna write all interesting stuff dat happen during my holiday? not gonna write all..some private..;-) 1st i would like to tell write happy new year to all my readers..if dun have let it be..haha..2006 sleep forever..2007,iz time for u to work..damn scary 19 now..& i have to face my major exam on november..dat iz stpm..i dunno i can do it or not..well..iz up to me to make decision..cut da crap..lets start da "interesting"
my holiday kinda fun last year..well..i got camp 2..dats da camp all da scouts waiting guides ma..can have fun wif da gals..'DONT THINK DIRTY,IZ CLEAN' gadjets..cook by themselves..& iz da 1st time held in my old sch..hamid khan..tak syok la coronation cannot use d..damn celaka mia pg state ppl..but i think iz ok gua..nvm..those participents had lots of fun aspecially offer them lots of camp money to do stupid things..example 5000 camp money just to take off BL's shirt off..all da gals naik bl..same goes to my junior..harjinder..felt down when kena chase from cgl gals..i din stay in da camp for 1 full day..middle of da nite go cc wif frens play dota & cs till 5am..go back to sch..sleep in da car like pig..till da exco come take a look at da 'sexy pig' my face then head back to home & continue evening,go back to da camp..
on da fourth day..everyone waiting for da campfire nite..dats good..but then got 1 bunch of samseng wanna enter as a visitor..we dun let then they took da helmet & whack da gate till da steel broke..we(39asm)dun care about it..we call da we settle ourselves..bla bla bla..lazy wanna write dat part..after campfire draw to da end..we sang scouting friendship song..'by da blessing coucil fire light..bla bla bla'..d end..closing ceremony im not there..

Monday, November 27, 2006

tonite i dunno whether iz da best or worse nite for frens..WP,G & KP dare me to buy condom..i've been sitting & think..finally i decide went into 7-11 & buy..took out 10 bucks buy 2 packs..mean got 6 condoms..wat the fark..damn..after i mind thinking..wanna throw away or just keep it..sit in da car..1 of them decide wanna go LG..damn..i dunno y follow their order but wat to there..10 min later..reach dat place..c no1..we step out from car & walk around searching for da SLUT..after dat..i cant take it anymore..wanna go back..da place make me sick..really..i sue to god..this iz da 1st & last time i go dat kind of place..DAMN..but they got another thing in their mind..they wan go to love we went..FOR A WHILE to have a look..argh..dun wan talk about it anymore..if u guys read my blog..this part i lazy wanna type d..leave commen if u love to..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

When I was young, I went to town to work with a group offriends during our summer holidays of two months. Beingyoung and away from home for the first time, we drank andsmoke like nobody's business.One night, we were pissed drunk and flagged the last busdown to go home.Being tired, we slept in the bus.It had been awhile that I fell asleep. I was awake by thechilly wind. I was shocked to find that there was no onein the bus, and I was the last passenger. I looked in frontto check out for the driver. But the driver was no wherein sight. Yet, the bus was moving.I panicked shitless. I rubbed my eyes to make sure that Iwas not dreaming. The night was dark and cold. I hystericallyjumped out from the bus and tried to run as hard as I couldto get away. Then I heard someone yelled at me from behind the bus."Hey! Don't run away! Come over here and help to push the bus!"yelled the bus driver.I saw my other friends helping to push the bus, which brokedown while I was asleep.

Monday, October 09, 2006

heya to all my readers(if got)..quiet long i din write anything bcos there's nth interesting to write it down..iz kinda wasted i din today im gonna write a short story about wats going on these few days in my life..haha..hhmm..pass few days,nth interesting usual..go to sch..reach home at 3 sumthing..if got any free time..i & wei ping will go to infinity play games..wat games?FIFA06 & most wanted..haha..every thursday & friday play football..i repeat iz compulsory for maintain or lost weight..aisheh..:P..last week saturday,wei ping,wee ming,teong seng,kuan huay,ling fern,linda & hui lin went to GSC watched rob-b-hood..iz kinda funny & touch movie..usually after movie we will go makan supper..but dat nite we didn't..just me,wei ping,wee ming & hui lin go makan..b4 go eat supper..fetch ling fern home 1st..catch time..all da way from gurney to taman free school flat..kinda crazy i drove..they all enjoy it..i their we finish eat..drop wee ming & hui lin last..wei ping..aand then..i hit da road straight back to my house..iz a lovely wonderful nite..raining..da air so fresh..oh yeah..
about today..went to sch..most of my frens din come to sch..i took da third period to sleep..while im sleeping..ah huay come & ask me whether i drive car to sch onot..bcos she wanna go back cos her class iz like about 7-8 ppl we make up our mind..i & kuan huay walk to public phone & called our mummy & daddy to pick us up at nth at home..sleep whole never sleep b4..& now im on9..haha..din contact wif da twins cos of some reason..maybe their not my type..both oso pretty..but just feel like something wrong somewhere when i keep in touch wif them..but now..not anymore cos i din contact wif them fingers can relax & my hp credit save alot..haha

Friday, September 15, 2006

it's been a long time since third sep..dats da last time i updated my life getting great..more & more new frens..getting worse in da during business & economy..too playing football wif frens..skill getting better & better..every friday have lunch wif da twins..dun misunderstood..i wont sapu both..i sapu 1 only..everything going 1st..dunno wat will happen next..but i hope nth will happen..
last nite suppose have dinner wif frens at little shanghai..but i choose to play football..i cant miss friday cos its my day for me to watch movie wif frens on saturday nite..oh my god..little man movie so funny..if u wanna know wat so funny..go watch..dun miss it..all from now..gtg..bye..;)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

kinda boring this week..boring..boring..haih..dunno y last friday went back early oso..maybe sch boring..after take a nap in da class..make decision to go home..straight walk to da big guard..but he din stop
as usual..evening play football wif ma play wif da ppl who knows how to play wif noob..BORING..but i wont forget dat friday..sia sui keeper..lao kang..^%&^..swt la..
maybe bcos holiday too much..i kinda change a bit..from attitude side..when football..go watch movie..bla bla bla..lots of thing i did..but da clubbing moment..i wont forget..ahha..nowadays always keep in touch wif da forward to go out wif them again..of cos wif my frens..wei ping..wee ming..kuan huay..teong seng..hui lin..ling pirates geng..
merdeka eve..wat can i say...haha..went to my frees frens there..all oso under age..but they let them enter pack dat nite..luckily my cousin's fren brought me & my frens in..if not..have to pay rm50 per person...bankrap lo..4 person include me..glo music not dat UUMMM than R&B..prefer R&B..but dun care much about dat..after glo..other fren brought us go to close..celaka..sent my 'fren' back to her fren's house..balik pulau..damn fcuking far man..lazy go back..took a short nap..2moro morning about 7 sumthing..balik..reach home nia..bath then straight continue my sleep...

Monday, August 28, 2006

today iz da 1st day back to sch after 1 week holiday...atmosphere in da class like NEW..everyone act stupid dunno each other..except some ppl who greet me & i greet back wif smiley face..swt..after da assembly..back to da class..feel abit getting sick..sleep in da class..PP teacher enter..gave him a reason dat i sick..wat else can i do..sleep la..after sleep for almost 2 hours in da class..wake up & have a look at my watch...almost 10am..decide to pack my things & go home..reach home & saw my mummy fetching my sis going to pasar pagi eat breakfast..follow her..bla bla breakfast..guess who pay for our food?my god-grandmother..after dat..go back & turn on my pc..no1 on9..sleep again..till nth at mood to study oso..if continue like very sure dat gonna "PASS" my nite..on9..write my blog....*&@$*@$%@^#&...damn farking sien man..pen off here..chaozz..